Bendis Company are trained /educated auctioneers and can assist with an estate auction, not just someone that knows how to count numbers.

Many times now a days you might hear from your client or think to yourself I don’t want any of this stuff-especially if you or your client is from the younger generation. If you are faced with this the following steps may help to create an economical and smooth transition.

Step 1 - Figure out your objectives.

Step 2 - Contact an Objective well established auction company like Bendis Auction Company. They can access the overall value and possibly even on the higher value items. They can also give you a realistic level of the market you are dealing with. We have done this Thousands of times and will give advice on property dispersal.

Types of Estate Auctions Available: Online, Simulcast, Live on Site Auctions depending on the situation.

Estate Auctions versus Estate Sales
Auctions Start low go high-over and done with in one day- Estate Sales start high go lower each day of the sale sometimes over 3 days.
People walk thru the home all three days. With an Auction the preview is morning of the auction, then the auction takes place, and bids are transparent. Removal same day and possibly a ½ day the next day.

With Estate auctions everyone knows what the particular item sold for nothing hidden, and they are fun, an event not to be missed.